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World Chocolate Masters UK selection for the World Chocolate Masters final Paris 2022


May ’20 – As artisans and chefs are facing the consequences of COVID-19 globally, the World Chocolate Masters will postpone the launch of its competition to start with National Selections as of March ’21 – and the world final to take place in Paris in October ‘22. This new timeline should enable contestants to fully focus on the recovery of their business, and to find the time to prepare for this creative championship as well.

Supporting artisans and chefs to recover and reinvent
by postponing with one year

The impact of COVID-19 will require full focus of every small business owner, artisan and chef – and of our supporting gourmet chocolate brands – to refuel, rethink and restart. Therefore, we want to give all our contestants the time to draw out the future and get back to work in the weeks and months ahead.

“We stand united with the industry of chefs and artisans during these unprecedented times,” says Ramon Morato, Creative Director of Cacao Barry. “There cannot be an epitome of chocolate celebration, when chefs around the world need all their energy to make their business survive. We have set up activities to help out and reinforce business again, and we will plan more support initiatives in the months to come.”

In the light of this shift of focus, we took the hard – yet inevitable – decision to support the impacted gourmet businesses and reschedule the competition. A new timeline should give breathing space to all contestants who have applied to participate in the competition. It will allow them to focus on their business and professional challenges in the first place. And to commit with renewed energy and creativity to perform at their best in this leading competition as well.

A new timeline

The new timeline reschedules the WCM National Selections to start from March ’21 until February ’22.. Over the course of 12 months 21 countries will organise their local national selections. By June 10 2020, we will communicate all new dates and locations for the National selections (circumstances permitting).

The immersive WCM Bootcamp for all finalists will be held in March ’22. It will be hosted by the Chocolate Academy™ Centre in Montreal (Canada). There all finalists will meet for the first time. During 3 days, they will be immersed in inspirational sessions to start preparing for the World Final. 

The WCM World Final will take place in Paris (France) in October ’22. The exact location will be revealed before the end of 2020.

WCM Timeline

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Looking forward to working, teaching and mentoring you in the near future.