World Chocolate Masters

WCM 2013 – 2021

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The World Chocolate Masters (WCM)

World Chocolate Masters World Chocolate Masters UK & Ireland 2021
Stephen Trigg
The past 10 years I have formed a number of partnerships and collaborations with Stephen & his wife Sun Trigg at Lauden Chocolate, including my chocolate promotions in Japan & other business in the UK as well as personal trainings for Lauden Chocolate & their clients.
Stephen contacted me during the later stages of the pandemic a very difficult time for everyone but still committed and with a strong will we set up a number of coaching sessions.
Ideas shared and some solid planning, I supported Stephen in bringing his ideas to life and helped him prepare and train for The World Chocolate Masters UK & Ireland national selection.
Great progress was made in a very short time with intensive training and development sessions taking place in the last few months and weeks before the competition.
Stephen was well on his way to showing the world he was a solid contender and went on the Win the World Chocolate Masters UK & Ireland national selection 2021.
I am very proud of Stephen and watched him grow over the past 10 years and I look forward to seeing Stephen competing at The World Chocolate Masters Final in Paris 2022.

World Chocolate Masters Final 2018
Barry Johnson
My Journey with “Barry Johnson” and competitions goes back along way having Barry on the UK Pastry Team for the European Pastry Cup 2014 and winning, to competing at the World Pastry Cup in 2015 and ranking 6th in the World at that time another milestone for the UK.
Having both entering the UK selection for the world chocolate masters in 2017 Barry was chosen to represent the UK at the world final & I was awarded best showpiece.
Differences aside from our last battle and on professional level I was happy that Barry contacted me for support with his ideas & had asked me to coach him? He has been a good friend to me and helped a lot with the UK Team in the past so it only seemed natural to agree.
Short but very intensive, training and development plan with other members of the Barry support team followed.  Barry went on to rank in the top 10 of World Chocolate Masters followed by a final world ranking of 8th Place and the end of the competition with best travel cake.
This was another amazing result, for Barry and the UK Pastry & Chocolate industry.

World Chocolate Masters Final 2013
Ruth Hinks

My Journey with “The World Chocolate Masters” Started in 2013 when I was asked to support
Ruth Hinks, after she had won & qualified at the UK & Ireland Selection in London.
This was a crazy journey of almost 6 months coaching Ruth until she was able to become 5th in the World at the WCM Paris in 2013 the highest ever ranking for the UK at the WCM Final.
An amazing result for Ruth Hinks and the UK Pastry & Chocolate Industry and it’s why I take a lot of pride in my coaching and training.

UK Junior Chocolate Masters
Since its creation I have been supporting the “UK Junior Chocolate Masters” with Beverley Dunkley and Julie Sharp roles of official photographer, judging sweeping floors & organising, Technical support and a special master class each year for all the candidates, to allow them to develop new skills and a better understanding of showpieces for the competition at The UK Chocolate Academy.

Coaching Details

Dates: 2013 – 2021
Candidate: Stephen TriggRanked 1st Position UK & Ireland Selection World Chocolate Masters UK 2021.
Candidate : Barry Johnson – Ranked in 8 position World chocolate Masters Paris 2018
Candidate : Ruth Hinks – Ranked in 5 position World chocolate Masters Paris 2013

Mentor & Coach – for all creative designs, showpieces for the competition from design to production & mould creation

Martin Chiffers – Best Showpiece 2017 – UK & Ireland Selection World Chocolate Masters UK.