European Pastry Cup

Coupe du monde de la pâtisserie - Sirha Spirit

European Pastry Cup
Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie - Sirha Spirit

European Pastry Cup 2022

  • United Kingdom Winner for the European Pastry Cup 2022 Paris

European Pastry Cup Europain Porte de Versailles, Paris.


European Pastry Cup 2020

  • Switzerland Winner for the European Pastry Cup 2020

European Pastry Cup 2018

My role as President for the UK Pastry Team had ended after winning 2 European Pastry Cups 2012/2014 and competed at the 3 World Finals 2013/2015/2017. The UK was now firmly in the top 5 Teams at Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie and with the highest ranking to date of 6th Place in the Finals. I was still working with the committee and supporting the new team for 2019 finals, and Gabriel PAILLASSON had invited me to be Honorary President Judge at The European Pastry Cup 2018 Turin Italy, this was a great Honour and accepted gladly in appreciation for the work I had done with the UK Pastry Team.

  • Honorary Président / Judge
  • Sweden Winner for the European Pastry Cup 2018

European Pastry Cup 2016

The UK Pastry Team is excluded and automatically qualifies for the World Pastry Cup in 2017

  • Belgium Winner for the European Pastry Cup 2016

European Pastry Cup 2014

The UK Pastry team & myself had grown and learnt from the experience and from also competing and the World Pastry Cup held in Lyon Jan 2013, A second UK selection was followed in October and again I was faced with the team selection and with just over 3 months to prepare, Barry Johnson & Nicolas Belorgey and me again worked until the early hours of the morning preparing an perfecting the elements and pieces, the next European cup was in Switzerland Jan 2014 and another Victory for The UK Pastry Team as Winner of The European Pastry Cup 2014.
on points the UK had repeated the previous year’s results with highest points in all categories but the other prizes were given to the second highest competitor as we had already scooped the top prize.
What a feeling this was twice in a row an amazing result, the second and consecutive win for the UK Pastry Team

  • United Kingdom Winner for the European Pastry Cup 2014

European Pastry Cup 2012

Throwback a decade ago 2011 working as Executive Pastry Chef for The Savoy London I was asked if I would be interested to apply for president of the UK team. After a meeting and some discussions it was agreed and a solid committee was formed to help develop the UK Team.
The first selection was held at West London College & the team chosen just after, it was now October 2011.
We had just over 3 months until the European Cup in January, Javier Mercado & Nicolas Bouhelier and me, worked solid day and night to prepare for the European Cup in Paris.

On the final it was said “that this is probably first time the British National Anthem has been played at an international Cooking Competition”.
The First Win for the UK and all 3 main Prizes Categories, what an amazing result…

  • United Kingdom Winner for the European Pastry Cup 2012
  • Best Chocolate Showpiece
  • Best Sugar Showpiece
  • Best Tasting

I was so proud of the UK Pastry Team and the work we had done with support from the mentees & committee

President UK Pastry Team

Date: UK Pastry Team President & Coach / 2018 President Honour / Support Coach 2018 – 2022
Role: Pastry Team UK President / Coach / Honorary President
Image Credits: Martin Chiffers /  GLEvents and Le Photographe

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