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Advanced Stencil Paper 450gm


Advanced Stencil Paper 450gm

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Advanced Stencil Paper
Advanced Stencil Paper with distinctive look and feel remarkably strong, durable sheet that is waterproof, tear-proof, and weather-resistant, excellent dimensional stability, unmatched lay-flat characteristics, along with the look and feel of a luxury film.

Contains no PVC and no plasticisers, which means a more environment friendly production process and no toxic gas when incinerated.  During the production and recycling of no chemical waste is generated and was designed to preserve wood as a natural resource and uses exclusively synthetics as raw materials.

  • PVC free double-sided antistatic
  • Durable without lamination
  • Resistant to water, UV light and tearing
  • Writable with ballpoint, marker and pencil
  • Unique silky soft feel like premium luxury paper
  • Unmatched lay-flat characteristics


Size 460 x 640 available in 170gm 300gm 450gm

Additional information

Weight 00.5 kg
Dimensions 640 × 460 × 00.2 cm

Advanced Stencil Paper 450gm

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